The unfolding COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every aspect of society and business. To protect health and livelihoods, much activity has been paused, but shutting shop isn’t an option for many manufacturers – food and pharma packaging converters, for instance. For these key industries, keeping machines running without in-person maintenance operations is crucial, and the answer is to get connected with remote assistance.

Remote assistance services allow machine problems to be diagnosed and solved remotely, online. It means you can tackle fault-based downtime faster, while still allowing as many staff as possible to self-isolate.
Helpline is BOBST’s remote assistance service. If you use a BOBST machine and encounter a fault or require expert assistance, Helpline lets you instantly contact and connect with our technical support staff.
Our experts are then able to remotely and digitally diagnose and troubleshoot problems via a secure connection, helping remove the need for face-to-face intervention. 80% of electrical issues can be solved online without need for instruction, and for more complex issues, our staff can provide step-by-step instructions to your plant staff to rapidly fix machines.
Quickly connected to your BOBST machinery, Helpline Plus gets your equipment up and running faster. It can greatly reduce the impact of machine faults and the resulting downtime during this time of unprecedented pressure, all without risking human health. Almost 3,000 machines are already connected and served by our experts, and more are being added by the day.


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