We proudly present the Winner 2024 in category “Business Performance”:

Unigraf is a one-stop destination for comprehensive solutions in innovative fabrication projects. With over 32 years of experience, Unigraf specializes in temporary projects, custom retail furniture, digital print, and interior fabrication.
Jury Statement: “With the help of Barbieri devices, the color certified print company Unigraf reached an unmatched level of confidence in achieving highest color results while printing difficult artworks, designs that have especially elaborate tones and gradients.”
Winner Barbieri Excellence Award 2024
Wissam Azar, CEO Unigraf: “We at Unigraf are very proud to have been awarded the Barbieri Excellence Award for Business Performance, it is such an honor being recognized from a company that is the pioneer of intelligent color measurement instruments for the digital printing world. Our dedication and progress have taken us down a path where every little detail in color brings us a step closer to achieving exceptional digital print results, this quest using the Barbieri instruments was a true adventure in learning and accomplishing the targets we were after. We will continue to push the boundaries of our digital prints using the latest technologies and support from Barbieri.”


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