BOBST oneBARRIER sustainable solutions for MDO PE and paper namely oneBARRIER PrimeCycle and FibreCycle are both officially recyclable. The PrimeCycle clear high barrier mono-material solution obtained a certification of recyclability of 98% by Institute cyclos-HTO GmbH. Whilst FibreCycle, the solution for barrier paper with BOBST AluBond has been assessed as 94.4% recyclable by PTS, the German paper research institute.

Notwithstanding the huge progress of CI flexo printing over the past 20 years or so, bouncing remains a factor that can affect the quality of a printed job and result in loss of production time and unnecessary waste. Furthermore, to avoid the occurrence of it, a printer may fail to maximize the CI flexo press capabilities by limiting production speed with some applications, hence productivity.

First presented at the drupa 2008 exhibition, the EXPERTFOLD 50/80/110 is the flagship of BOBST’s folding-gluing product line. Backed by more than 80 years of experience, this versatile and productive folder-gluer is designed to be so modular that almost every machine sold is tailored to the specific production needs of its customer.

By Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director Solution Design, Xeikon

Settling on the right web-to-print label solution defines the very foundations of your digital print output, but which setup is right for you and your business needs? Jeroen Van Bauwel, Director Solution Design at Xeikon, is on hand to shed clarity and share some of the essential B2B/B2C insights you need to know before even considering integrating a web-to-print setup.

New research commissioned by material technologies business, Aquapak, with sustainable packaging producers and users in the UK, Italy and Germany1, shows that European packaging businesses are committed to the circular economy, but few are acting ahead of legislation.

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