Products with medium-sized packaging will be hit the hardest by changes to consumer shopping amid rising inflation, says GlobalData, as the leading data and analytics company notes an emerging polarization in the market.

In-mold labeling is a technology that has a typical application in the decoration of rigid and semi-rigid container – usually for FMCG products. It exhibits the most complex structure of all label formats, involving close cooperation and integration of all the players along the value chain to achieve the desired levels of quality in product decoration.

Where is the label market headed? How can everyday products be labeled in a way that is resource-saving and environmentally friendly? These are the issues that Robert Gabriel-Jürgens, Head of Sales Label Papers at Sappi Europe, and Corey Michael Reardon, President, and CEO of AWA Alexander Watson Associates, will be discussing in the new episode of the Sappi Blue Couch series.

The packaging sector is still recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the paradigm shift towards online shopping, tighter regulatory norms for packaging waste, and the increasing consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions. Packaging providers are under considerable pressure to provide alternative and eco-friendly packaging solutions from manufacturers, retailers, and consumers themselves, thus driving the shift towards circular economy, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Food packaging is a constant part of our everyday lives but it’s easy for the more ‘general’ food packaging products to go unnoticed. As we pour our cereal into the bowl, rip open a pizza box or snack on a box of cookies, little thought goes into the many regulations, requirements and extremely clever products that go into producing this packaging. So, we asked Lee Andrews, VP of the Paper and Board Business Line for ACTEGA in North America, to lift the lid on the trends and challenges behind bringing these deceptively basic boxes to market.

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