Innovative paper-based cold chain packaging solutions deliver thermal protection, reusable cool packs and curbside recyclable packaging materials
Ranpak Holdings Corp. (“Ranpak”) (NYSE: PACK), a global leader of environmentally sustainable, paper-based packaging solutions for e-commerce and industrial supply chains, today reported that Lions Prep, the UK’s highest rated meal plan service, has chosen to use Ranpak cold chain packaging solutions for packing its wide range of healthy meal kits. Not only is Ranpak’s innovative paper-based cold chain packaging more sustainable, but it also offers the necessary thermal protection to keep goods fresh while offering a better customer unboxing experience.

“Meal kits are increasingly in demand due to the busy schedules of today’s consumers and their desire for fresh, healthy, sustainably packaged meals,” said Ruud Titulaer, Business Leader Cold Chain, of Ranpak. “At Ranpak, we make more sustainable paper-based packaging solutions available to companies like Lions Prep that are not only curbside recyclable but provide excellent thermal protection and a superior unboxing experience. When our customers require extra cooling, our RecyCold® cool packs fit this need using bio-based gel and are reusable by the consumer.”
“Lions Prep is dedicated to providing healthy meal kits for busy consumers,” said Pia Raffaela, Lions Prep Procurement Manager. “This includes requirements such as gluten-free and vegan options. Our focus on excellence extends beyond the high protein meals we supply for home delivery. We also know that packaging is important to our customers as well. It has to be convenient for the consumer, safe for the food, and sustainable for the planet. That’s why we have chosen to pack our meal kits using Ranpak RecyCold® climaliner™.”
Lions Prep explains the needs of today’s customers, including:
Sustainability: The company has committed to the goal of providing responsibly sourced packaging across all of their home delivery products.
Thermal Protection: Ensuring both food safety and physical protection during transit is also vital. Meals must be delivered completely undamaged and within the right temperature range while avoiding unsustainable packaging.
Aesthetics: Lions Prep provides a completely optimized meal kit experience for their customers, which includes receiving and unpacking the Meal Box. The company wanted to enhance the experience by using a sustainable thermal liner, taking into account unboxing and how easy it is to recycle or dispose of packaging.
Prior to adopting Ranpak solutions, Lions Prep was using a denim blanket, which was prone to retaining moisture and food aromas and was difficult to recycle. After in-depth discussion of their needs and close technical support from Ranpak, Lions Prep chose RecyCold® climaliner™ as the most suitable replacement for their existing denim blankets. The new and improved solution is the result of collaboration between Lions Prep, Ranpak, and their Distributor partner. Paper-based and entirely curbside recyclable, climaliner™ is simple to recycle with other household paper items. Thermal performance is excellent – Lions Prep required up to 36 hours of protection, while the solution actually delivers up to 48 hours of temperature protection for ambient, chilled, and frozen products. And the existing Lions Prep box can be used easily with the new insulation which includes a thinner liner and therefore maximizes box volume.
Raffaela added, “RecyCold® climaliner™ keeps our meals cooler, and because it’s compostable it is better for the planet and for our brand. Ranpak was very helpful in working with us to find this solution, and our existing box now holds more. We are also delighted to provide our customers with a more sustainable packing solution and a more pleasant unboxing experience. It has positioned us well for continued growth in the healthy lifestyle market, with high-performance packaging that is easy to use and which conveys the right brand messages around sustainability!”


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