The findings of the semi-industrial trial come out of a study initiated by Avery Dennison and performed by The National Test center Circular Plastics assessing the releasability of filmic labels during rigid HDPE packaging recycling

Pharmaceutical products are developed and manufactured in a highly regulated environment. In addition to high hygiene stan-dards, medicines require a high degree of precision. The exact dosa-ge of active ingredients, the right mixture of ingredients and correct processing are crucial to ensure the efficacy and safety of the medi-cines.

For the 2021-2022 period, AWA’s Fiberboard Industry Consultancy Services (FICS) projected a moderate increase in the total global Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and particle board production capacity compared to the numbers from 2020-2021. The majority (58%) of the combined capacity consists of particle board.

Display material to advertise a product where it is being sold ranges from shelf strips, posters, banners, aisle stoppers, wobblers and can be used in and outside. Most of the time these promotions are temporary however often remain for a few weeks or even month in a lighted space, which typically sets specific requirements towards light fastness of the prints.

In 2022 the global production of vacuum coated products grew by 3.4%. There have been regional variations in growth patterns and in the growth rates of individual materials and vacuum coating processes, but, in general, the market has continued to show positive growth in all areas. The primary drivers of growth are to be found in applications for vacuum coated films – most notably in areas of food packaging - and paper for packaging applications.


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