LED UV inks are one of the fastest growing trends in the printing industry, fuelled by the increasing demand for sustainable products and a recent reminder that energy costs have returned as a pressure on business. LED UV inks are a popular sustainable option because they are 100% free of the solvents and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are linked to so many environmental and health problems.

By Wesley Belmans

For decades, printers and marketers have used embellishments for high-end brands and products. Designers and embellishing printeries enhanced the look and feel of items by incorporating complex designs and techniques to make them ooze quality. Luxury. Exclusivity. But today, this type of high-end embellishment is no longer limited to high-end brands. Instead, digital technology makes embellishments possible for regular labels and packaging in various markets.

From a list of synonyms for the words ‘high quality’ – you could choose Exceptional, First class, Remarkable, Preferable even Magnificent – but what actually gives the words ‘high quality’ their true meaning? Brand owners in high end sectors such as wine and spirits know that ‘quality always sells’ and they continue to put pressure on label printers to adopt the latest innovations and digital technologies to achieve the highest levels of quality to enhance their brand designs.

Labeling and product decoration are critical to the packaging industry, combining the essential information to identify a product with the sales enhancement properties of branding and on-shelf visibility. The status of this market is documented in the newly-published 16th edition of AWA Labeling and Product Decoration Annual Review 2022. It explores all the different facets of the subject across the main labeling formats – pressure-sensitive, glue-applied, sleeving, in-mold labels – and their supply chain characteristics.


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