Pepare to be amazed by the sheer brilliance of the INVICTA i2, a mid-web printing machine that sets new standards in the industry. This is more than a press; it's a revolutionary powerhouse, and here's why:

Gearless, Shaftless, Direct Drive: The INVICTA i2 doesn't just use cutting-edge technology; it defines it. Gearless, shaftless, and boasting direct drive on the key elements of the printing unit—sleeve shaft, anilox shaft, and drum shaft—it delivers precision, efficiency, and unmatched performance that's a true game-changer.
Guaranteed Quality: With its 50mm shoulder frame, this press is synonymous with guaranteed quality. It's not just a machine; it's your ticket to exceptional results.
Unparalleled Web Width: offering web widths of 750 mm, 850 mm, and 1100 mm, the Invicta i2 is a versatile workhorse designed to excel in a wide range of applications.
The Largest in Its Class: The model 1100, combined with a maximum print development of 36", allows you to print a staggering 1 square meter of web, making the INVICTA i2 the undisputed giant in terms of processable substrates within its category.
Automation at Its Pinnacle: With 10 motors for each printing unit, this machine takes automation to unprecedented levels. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to efficiency and precision like never before.
Streamlined Setup: Equipped with a full electronic pre-register system, register system, and print pressure system, the INVICTA i2 ensures the finest quality and the shortest setup downtime. Each printing parameter can be effortlessly saved on a dedicated recipe page, making your life easier and your results exceptional.
INVICTA i2 isn't just a mid-web press; it's a revolution in flexographic printing. Elevate your business, redefine your expectations, and unlock your full potential with the INVICTA i2 — where excellence meets innovation.


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