In-mold labeling is a technology that has a typical application in the decoration of rigid and semi-rigid container – usually for FMCG products. It exhibits the most complex structure of all label formats, involving close cooperation and integration of all the players along the value chain to achieve the desired levels of quality in product decoration.

The materials for in-mold labels are dictated by application technology. In general, in the IML-IM processes (In-mold labels applied in an extrusion blow molded operation) favor OPP and CPP films, with a combined material market share of 75%. Whereas, synthetic papers and adhesive-coated films with less than a quarter of market share is favored in IML-EB processes (In-mold labels applied in an injection-molding operation). The printing and finishing processes are key to the costs of in-mold labels. In-mold labels typically demand high standards of finishing. It is estimated that around 60% of the costs can be incurred in the finishing operation, post-printing. Although the costs are significantly higher than in other label formats, the unique features, innovations, and new opportunities in the market contribute to the growth and attractiveness of this labeling technology.
The status of in-mold labeling is documented in this newly published 6th edition of AWAreness™ Report Global In-mold Label Market 2022. The latest edition provides not only an overview on the market data and growth of in-mold label market by region, segment and substrate but also a market analysis on the development and trends.
In 2021, the global market for in-mold labels is estimated at 1,436 mln square meters, claiming around 2% of the total global label market. Furthermore, the market is forecasted to grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 3.0% in 2021-2024.
The adaptation of in-mold labeling varies across regions, Europe is having a biggest market share in in-mold labeling with the market share of 57%; meanwhile, North America has a market share of 22%. Asia 13%, South America 4%, and Africa and Middle East 4%.


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