First market products available in aluminium-free Pure-Pak® eSense carton from Elopak

Spanish beverage producer García Carrión is the first company in the world to launch products in Elopak's aluminium-free Pure-Pak® eSense packaging. Under the well-known Don Simón brand, six different plant-based drinks have been available in the new aluminium-free Elopak carton since the end of last year. In order to inform about the ecological advantages of the new packaging, Don Simón links the packaging to the virtual world via a QR code.
The Don Simón brand was introduced to the Spanish market in 1980 and is now one of the country's leading beverage brands. With the current launch, Don Simón is responding to the increasing demand for products that are not only good for health but also good for the environment. The Pure-Pak® eSense packaging contains a layer of polyolefins instead of the aluminium barrier. The Don Simón beverage carton also uses a closure based on renewable PE from tall oil. This reduces the carbon footprint by a total of 40 per cent* compared to a standard Pure-Pak® aseptic carton.
The market launch is accompanied by a digital campaign: by scanning a QR code on the beverage carton, consumers can access an app that provides information about the special features of the aluminium-free Pure-Pak® eSense packaging in a playful way. Participants can collect points, win prizes and share content via social media.
Don Simón comments: "Packaging is a topic of high strategic importance for us. The result of our recent collaboration with our long-term partner Elopak is our first market product in a beverage carton without aluminium. All the features of this packaging are fully aligned with Don Simón's environmental goals: Zero waste and net zero emissions."
The beverage carton for Don Simón is made of unbleached, natural brown board and has a closure cap made from renewable, wood-based raw materials. In addition, the cartons are certified carbon neutral and carry the CarbonNeutral® logo. The plant-based drinks have been available in Spain since November 2022 in soy, soy light, soy chocolate, almond, rice and oat varieties.
Andrijana Golubovic, Marketing Director South at Elopak, adds: "With the Pure-Pak® eSense packaging, we offer our customers in the aseptic segment our most environmentally friendly beverage carton to date. It is suitable for all brands that have ambitious environmental goals and value credible marketing of their beverages."


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