More and more reuse and recycling schemes for beverage packaging are seen as efficient tools for reducing the environmental impact of packaging systems and for increasing their resource efficiency.

In this scenario, AROL REVERSE is becoming a must for all those bottlers looking for an effective response to unscrew pre-threaded plastic caps and threaded aluminium caps from glass and ref-pet bottles.
REVERSE, with between 3 and 30 heads, delivers safe unscrewing of caps with diameters of 28-38 mm, at up 60.000 caps/h (1.000 caps/min).
The machine’s decapping heads are made entirely of stainless steel; special handling parts, including discharge piping and containers, can also be supplied in stainless steel to prevent scratches to bottles and give longer life to components.
REVERSE can identify bottles that do not have caps: its “no decapping” feature prevents bottle neck damage.
The machines are equipped with advanced inspection systems for height variance at the infeed and cap detection at the discharge.
REVERSE is designed for quick format change and is flexible enough to be adapted in any plant.
Today AROL propose also the de-crowning model REVERSE C: the robust and technically advanced machine for unscrewing crown caps
Line waste, surplus production, but first deposit return systems: there are many cases in which a de-capper makes a PET or a glass bottle reusable and so that it does not become a waste.
AROL’s leadership in closure systems (25,000 machines installed worldwide) means that it has also specialized in de-capping systems (more than 200 machines installed to date) and today also in de-crowning.
The uncorking unit is made by a turning wheel with grippers that remove the corks from the bottles and discharge the removed corks in a pipe. These grippers do not damage the bottle neck in case the cork was not present. Removed corks, discharged in the pipe, are pushed by a blower.


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