FLYERALARM now offers a further alternative to the classic disposable cup in its webshop: The re:UUSI Cup is the first paper cup on the German market to be completely recyclable via waste paper (e.g. via its own private paper bin) and was developed by the Irish company CupPrint. With the introduction of the cup, FLYERALARM is taking another step towards giving customers an environmentally conscious corporate image.

Get a "coffee to go" quickly on the way, drink it and then dispose of the container. But where to? Contrary to what the outward appearance often suggests, the standard disposable cups made of cardboard cannot be disposed of in waste paper or with residual waste, but, like other service packaging, belong in the yellow sack, the yellow bin or the recycling bin, depending on the region. This is due to a plastic layer on the inside of the cups that prevents liquid from entering through the paper fibers. In the recycling process, this layer can hardly be detached, so that in most cases the cups are incinerated as residual materials. Not only the burning itself is a problem, but above all the destruction of the cardboard as a raw material.
FLYERALARM has expanded its product range to counter this trend and to recycle the paper cups. Customers of the e-commerce company can now order the re:UUSI Cup, the first fully recyclable disposable cup (with optional recyclable cup lid) on "Through a special process, our partner CupPrint has developed a material called re:UUSI for the cups that prevents liquids from escaping from the cup while being recycled with the normal mixed waste paper," says Pascal Ritter, Head of Give Aways at FLYERALARM. "With the new product, we are not only fulfilling our customers' wishes, but also our own claim to be able to offer our customers as many different sustainable options as possible. Disposable cups make sense if their raw materials are reused through a recycling system. This is exactly the case with the re:UUSI cups: The innovative, highly mineralized inner coating of the re:UUSI cups makes it possible for the first time in Germany to reuse coated disposable cups in household waste paper recycling".
The best possible AAA certification (>95%) officially confirms the recyclability of the re:UUSI cups from cyclos-HTP, the partner institute of the Green Dot. After use, the re:UUSI cups are disposed of in normal waste paper and then transported to the recycling plant, where they are further processed into paper fibres. In the end, more than 95% of the re:UUSI cup is recycled. From these fibres, for example, packaging, environmental paper and much more are produced - a real cycle.
Sustainable offer at FLYERALARM
In addition to the re:UUSI Cup, FLYERALARM has other alternatives to the classic disposable cup in its range, such as a selection of different thermo cups as reusable containers. In the Environment & Nature section of the web shop, all products for an environmentally conscious corporate image are combined - from vegan gummi bears and organic clothing to classic print products. In addition, customers who have their printed products printed on FSC® or PEFC™ paper from responsible forestry and who want the product labelling to be clearly visible on the paper can currently order an additional option from FLYERALARM for DIN A4 letterhead conveniently and without wasting time. The automated solution selected for print data preparation guarantees absolute security when using the two logos. Further print products with this additional option will follow in the coming months.

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