Walki's high performance protection material for disposable medical aprons WalkiApron 45 achieves the highest protection class according to DIN EN 14126: 2004 and can now be delivered to customers to make aprons that are needed in hospitals around the world in the fight against COVID-19.

The certification confirms that WalkiApron 45 resists both the penetration of contaminated liquids under pressure and infectious agents through mechanical contact with substances containing contaminated liquids. The material has also been tested and certified for resistance to contaminated aerosols and solid particles. "With the DIN EN 14126: 2004 certification, WalkiApron 45 meets all the necessary safety standards to use the material safely for protective clothing for hospital staff," says Bart Vansteenkiste, Business Development Manager Engineered Materials at Walki.
WalkiApron 45 is based on a high-performance, extrusion-coated nonwoven fabric that is also suitable for medical applications. The material used for hospital aprons must have a high tear resistance to prevent the material from being damaged during the manufacturing process. At the same time, wearing comfort is also important, as hospital staff work long days under difficult conditions. "The Walki apron is soft and therefore comfortable to wear," says Vansteenkiste. The first batches have already been delivered to customers and the feedback from hospital staff has been very positive.