The demand for protective clothing has increased significantly in recent weeks in hospitals and other health care facilities due to the Covid 19 crisis. To meet this demand, Walki has acted quickly and developed a new material that meets the strict quality requirements. "Walki has a reputation for producing sustainable laminates for a wide range of applications from construction to packaging and therefore has extensive knowledge of materials. Doctors, hospitals and other healthcare professionals have asked us if we can supply them with protective clothing," explains Bart Vansteenkiste, Business Development Manager Engineered Materials at Walki.

The material for medical protective clothing must meet a wide range of requirements. It should be highly tear-resistant to ensure that the material withstands the manufacturing process. It must also be waterproof and liquid resistant to splashes to protect the person wearing it. Another important feature is wearing comfort. The material developed by Walki, called Walki®Apron 45, is a high performance, extrusion-coated polypropylene non-woven fabric suitable for medical applications. "Walki®Apron 45 meets all requirements: It is flexible and highly tear-resistant with good barrier properties against water," explains Vansteenkiste.
Walki®Apron 45 was produced on an industrial scale and tested at Walki's site with very positive results. As hospitals around the world are facing supply shortages, it is of the utmost importance that the required materials can be delivered promptly. "Within a week, Walki®Apron 45 should be certified," says Vansteenkiste.