New partnership with printing company Chiyoda Gravure will further refine the new sustainable flexible packaging printing technology

SCREEN, a leading manufacturer of innovative inkjet digital printing equipment, is ready to accept orders for the Truepress PAC 830F, a new high-speed, water-based inkjet system designed for flexible packaging.
With the introduction of the new inkjet system, SCREEN addresses the rising demand for secure and sustainable packaging solutions. It aligns with the evolving preference of flexible packaging companies to transition to efficient small to medium lot printing to meet diverse requirements while minimising environmental impact.
Recognising these developments, SCREEN GA had announced in 2020 it was creating a new inkjet system. Since then, it has been improving the quality of the system to levels that would satisfy market requirements, with the help of customer feedback. These efforts have culminated in the launch of the Truepress PAC 830F.
The Truepress PAC 830F is a high-speed, water-based inkjet system specially designed for flexible packaging. Using drop-on-demand inkjet technology, it can handle media of up to 830 millimetres wide at an industry-leading speed of 75 meters per minute with a resolution of 1,200 dpi x 1,200 dpi. The system is also capable of printing at a resolution of 1,200 dpi using a built-in primer coater that increases ink adherence. Its CMYK and white water-based inks also conform to food safety regulations.
These features allow the Truepress PAC 830F to deliver both excellent safety and colour consistency, two factors that are essential for the food products industry. Serving as its digital front end (DFE) is EQUIOS, which has evolved with SCREEN GA’s Truepress JET and Truepress LABEL series and is now optimised exclusively for the Truepress PAC 830F. This DFE enables not only high-speed printing but also advanced colour management.
Partnership with Chiyoda Gravure
Chiyoda Gravure Corporation and SCREEN GA have reached an agreement that will see them work together to drive the use of digital printing for flexible packaging materials, utilizing SCREEN’s Truepress PAC 830F.
With increasing global emphasis on sustainability in production and evolving consumer preferences for diversified small lot packaging, traditional gravure printing methods, best suited for large runs, face challenges of low productivity, operator strain, and significant product wastage. To address these issues, Chiyoda and SCREEN GA have recently worked together to install the Truepress PAC 830F at Chiyoda’s facility. Their joint mission is to advance the use of digital printing in flexible packaging, expand the range of applications, optimize the digital workflow, and resolve issues associated with small to medium lot production.
Aligned with their respective corporate philosophies and a commitment to innovation for sustainability, the collaboration aims to enhance working conditions in flexible packaging production and elevate print quality. Their ongoing efforts will focus on developing solutions for longstanding challenges in small and medium lot production, ultimately contributing to the digital transformation of the flexible packaging market.


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