Excelitas Technologies has added lamps with higher optical power to its OmniCure-AC range for UV curing. The OmniCure AC8-HD (HD = High Dose) series offers more than twice the dose of the AC8 series and two-thirds more than the AC9 series. This means that these emitters cure larger areas in the shortest time.

The irradiance above >15 W/cm² allows large working distances. Price and power consumption are only moderately higher than those of the AC8 and AC9 systems. Thanks to the identical design and size of all three series, the new models can be easily retrofitted in existing systems. The OmniCure AC range is characterized by the possibility of individual control of LED submodules. This patented feature makes it possible to compensate for manufacturing differences and signs of aging of LEDs or to individually adjust the output to the colors and substrates used to achieve the highest quality, repeatability and uniformity over the entire irradiation width. The UV sources in the three standard widths 150 mm, 225 mm and 300 mm can be seamlessly combined to form longer lines. An RS485 interface offers even more flexibility when integrating the AC8-HD models into machines. New PLC controllers are also available for controlling several heads simultaneously.