Launched today, the advanced online virtual assistant is aimed at users of Markem-Imaje coders. Powered by artificial intelligence based on an adaptive learning process, it ensures that operators can quickly restore coding systems following downtime or usage problems.

Sometimes, even the best machinery needs troubleshooting, and this is vital if production is not to grind to a halt. To do this, operators need fast and reliable assistance in finding a solution. Available in English, Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Japanese and accessible at the click of a button on the company's website, MIVA, the virtual assistant developed by Markem-Imaje, is an online service tool.

Based on artificial intelligence, this tool constantly learns from daily interactions with customers and offers operators the ability to find a solution to solve problems 24/7.

Providing instant support, MIVA allows quick access to interactive user manuals for all major technologies developed by Markem-Imaje. Easily accessible and intuitive to use, the manuals allow operators to select the encoder model and the task or procedure they need to perform. The system then suggests possible solutions through easy-to-follow graphical instructions.

These solutions are complemented by several videos that provide a direct demonstration of the implementation of the suggested procedures.

For more complex problems, users can use the advanced troubleshooting function, either by providing a description of the problem, e.g. 'faulty print', or by capturing the error code indicated on the machine's user interface.

The advanced troubleshooting engine uses algorithms to choose the most effective solution to repair the fault and presents the information to the operator in the form of text, images and video tutorials.

If the operator is unable to resolve the problem on his own, the case is passed to a help desk agent who receives a detailed summary of the problem, enabling him to quickly understand what it is, check attempted resolutions and determine an alternative solution. This procedure speeds up problem resolution and in many cases avoids the need to call in a technician for an on-site repair, a particularly important benefit given the current pandemic.


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