Project Support the Ukraine Club of Packagers was started on April 13, 2022 at the opening of the Food Technology 2022 exhibition by Michaël Nieuwesteeg NVC and Veronika Khalaydzhi from the Club Packagers of Ukraine. The project was launched by the packaging associations of the Netherland and Ukraine: Netherlands Packaging Center (NVC) and the Club Packagers of Ukraine. Together with colleagues from packaging associations, we will promote it at packaging events, exhibitions, conferences, social networks, on the websites of associations in different countries, as well as EPIC and WPO.

At the start of the project, the president of the Club Packagers Veronika Khalaydzhi told the participants and visitors of the exhibition about the Club's activities in peacetime and now, about competitions for the best packaging and label, on-line jury which was held despite modern conditions, about the magazine «Packaging» which under the leadership of editor in chief Valeriy Krivoshey, literary editor Irina Sereda and designer Natalia Kruglyak prepared in electronic form, and our friends from NVC and the Higher School of Logistics in Poznan published. Of course, this is a first-hand opportunity to tell the packaging community about powerful Ukrainian companies such as Vetropack Gostomel plant, Rubizhne Cardboard and Packaging Plant, production of plastic packaging in Chernihiv Plast-Box, powerful production of Coca-Cola near Kiev, which destroyed. About the packaging producers in the east, north and south which do not work for various reasons.
The Club Packagers of Ukraine once again appeals to companies from all over the world not to finance the war in Ukraine by working with russian companies or buying russian goods.
The Club Packagers of Ukraine will continue to use all available methods, on all platforms - exhibitions, on the pages of packaging magazines, on social networks to talk about the current state of the packaging industry, the opportunities and needs of Ukrainian packaging companies.


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