How digital makes quality flexible without compromises

The Xeikon self-adhesive label Suite is a complete set-up made of 5 components designed to help you deal with your business' challenges and create new opportunities. By combining impeccable quality with unmatched day-to-day and run-to-run flexibility, it will deliver, for labels in Wine and spirits, Beverage, Health and beauty, Industrial, Pharma and Food. Moreover, the whole suite can be completely tuned to your specific needs and goals.

Dealing with short run label printing and other fine challenges

So, your flexo press park might need expanding to deal with short run label printing, more complex orders and more demanding customers, because, well, you and your market are evolving. Or you might be venturing into new territory and see a big opportunity in self-adhesive label production - but only in a way that leaves plenty of room for creativity, flexibility and your growth path.
Then again, no self-adhesive label is the same

For pharma labels, you might need security features. For beverages, wine or spirits you may need to vary between beer bottle synthetic labels, natural paper wine bottle labels or arty spirits labels with gold details. For beauty brands, cosmetics and beauty labels would have to stand out in creativity and quality on shelves. Your food labels would need to be absolutely food-safe; and an industrial label has to meet industry-specific standards - think of durability, security and lightfastness.

6 different digital label presses for self-adhesive

Who said anything about compromises? From entry level label presses to an animal like the Xeikon CX3, we offer a press that matches your business' size, that of your labels and the speed you're aiming for. Plus: our Xeikon 3000 series can be upgraded on-site to grow along with your business. What they all have in common:

best-in-class productivity
full rotary technology combined with variable repeat length
consistent, impeccable quality
with 1200 dpi resolution with automatic quality control
unlimited creativity
unrivalled range of substrates without pre-coating or pre-treatment
grows along
on-site update possible

See the proof on Xeikon quality

You can upload up to 5 different SAL designs here. We will produce them

on 4 different substrates
With a Xeikon 3000 Series press
using ICE toner (CMYK and White)

Or you can choose to produce some great samples we've selected for you.

6 reasons to go digital the Xeikon way for self-adhesive labels
1. a choice of six presses from entry level to speeds up to 30 m/min (98 ft/min)
2. dedicated workflow developed in close collaboration with printers and converters
3. consistently high quality 1200 dpi without compromises
4. application-tuned dry toner safe, flexible, wide range of colours, performant
5. full rotary technology labels of different dimensions in one and the same run at top speed
6. one-stop solution
5 components for an all-in-one solution to print and convert self-adhesive labels


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