RAJA, the European market leader in the mail order business for packaging, office supplies and industrial equipment, is equipping its distribution centre in Paris Nord 2 with an automated high-density storage system. The result: almost twice as many storage locations on an area of 6,000 m² and optimised logistics.

With an area of six football pitches (43,000 m²), the RAJA distribution centre in Paris Nord 2, 30 minutes from the capital, together with the distribution centre in Sorgues (18,000 m2 for supplying customers in the south of France), supplies the whole of France. Capacity utilisation is usually over 90 %, especially before the end-of-year holidays. Optimising the existing storage space is therefore crucial.
The first advantage: the automated warehouse, which will be put into operation in September 2022, offers space for 14,700 pallets (previously 8,000) on an area of 6,000 m2.
The second advantage: the work of the forklift truck drivers, who have to position the pallets high up, is made easier. Lifts and shuttles controlled by software (WCS) linked to the central software (the WMS or Warehouse Management System) will bring the pallets to the right place and pick them up from there. The operation of the system will also allow the logistics teams of Paris-Nord 2 to develop their knowledge of mechanics and electronics and thus work even more efficiently.
Racks with a height of 12 metres
RAJA chose the Atlas® 2D solution from supplier Stow for its automation. Forklift drivers first place the pallets on automated conveyor belts. 3 lifts and 12 autonomous shuttles then bring them to the racks, which extend over 6 floors and 30 aisles with a height of 12 metres. The system is designed for pallets of 1200 x 800 mm or 1200 x 1000 mm and a maximum height of 1.80 m.
"Our distribution centre in Paris Nord 2 is running at full speed to supply our customers. We can't raise the walls, so we have to make the best use of the space we have until our future site in Cavaillon is ready," explains Laurence Papeil, Supply Chain Manager at RAJA France. "The solution: a high-density automated system that can quickly place and transport pallets in a limited space."


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