Schobertechnologies GmbH is going online with a progressive project in which rotary finishing technologies and machines for processing film, foils, paper, cardboard and non-wovens play the main role.

The project name: "TECHNOVATION WORLD – powered by Schobertechnologies". The project goal: turning the world of high-performance solutions into a digital experience. And it really is a whole world of its own; companies from a wide range of industries in over 100 countries use the products from Schobertechnologies: from paper, film, packaging film and hygiene industries to medical and defence technology as well as companies from the electronics, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.
Customers and other interested parties can enter this virtual world via Futuristically designed, the web application offers various highlights on several levels – for example the RSM520HD-DIGI-VARICUT, a high-performance machine specially designed for processing digitally printed films and packaging as well as cutting and creasing folding cartons and IML labels. In the TECHNOVATION WORLD, the machine can be operated interactively and examined from all perspectives. Film sequences provide exciting insights into the machine's inner workings and functions. On other levels, users are introduced to the RSM410 IML/MX-DIGI-VARICUT, a machine for innovative rotary die cutting, as well as to many additional high-tech solutions. The assistant Schobi helps the technology traveller navigate the digital tour. Schobi not only introduces the product range and innovations from Schobertechnologies, it also answers questions and serves as a point of contact for a personal consultation.


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