From 3rd to 6th May 2022, MG2 will be present at the first international exhibition scheduled in Milan after the long interruption caused by the pandemic, coinciding with Ipack-Ima: that of MG2 will be a significant presence thanks to its wide range of technological proposals

An opportunity that MG2 takes by bringing the most varied expression of its divisions by displaying three machines. For the Packaging Division, which this year celebrates 25 years of activity, a line including BliStar blistering machine and KARTOS cartoning machine will be present; while the Processing Division will be represented by the capsule filling machine PLANETA Q, compliant to OEB4 containment standards.
With BliStar blistering machine, MG2 establishes itself on both the pharmaceutical and the nutraceutical markets, aiming to optimize the primary packaging of capsules and tablets in blisters.
In fact, the blistering machine, that is capable to manage up to 150 blisters/minute with maximum dimensions of mm 90x140, represents an ideal solution for those big pharmaceutical companies which want to produce R&D batches, as well as for phytopharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies that need both high-production speed and flexibility.
In addition, the excellent electronic control the machine is equipped with, allows to both carry out size change over by recalling a recipe and control in real time all the stages of the packaging process.
With KARTOS intermittent-motion cartoner, which is designed for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, but also for cosmetics, it is possible to pack various pre-glued carton sizes (from 20x15x50 mm to 90x70x250 mm) up to a maximum speed of 100 cartons/minute.
At Pharmintech 2022, the cartoner will be in line with the blistering machine to show all visitors how the compact design and constructive simplicity represent the strengths of this machine.
Indeed, KARTOS has been designed according to modern mechanical paradigms, such as, for example, the transport of cartons by belt and the balcony-style design which allows both a better cleaning of the working area and easier routine maintenance.
The pharmaceutical processing machines, instead, will be represented by PLANETA Q capsule filling machine. This machine is characterized by an ergonomic design that fosters routine operations, whether are they actual production activities or maintenance operations.
The control panel is mobile, thus being able to rotate around PLANETA Q at an angle of 180 degrees, and it is equipped with a 21-inch touch HMI specially developed to make the control of every operation more efficient. The capsule filler also complies to the OEB4 containment level. Thanks to its production speed ranging from 6,000 up to 100,000 capsules/hour and the possibility to dose a complete range of products and their combinations, PLANETA Q incorporates the key features of the high-tech MG2 technology that is a recognized standard for all MG2 customers around the world.
"We look to Pharmintech exhibition focusing on our international target markets" says Alessandro Recupero, MG2 Sales Dept. Manager "phytopharmaceutical and nutraceutical are in fact constantly growing sectors, which, even during the pandemic period, have not seen this trend decrease, literally doubling their numbers because they are used for both the prevention and the support of the immune and nervous systems. For what concerns pharmaceuticals, moreover, we have seen heterogeneous situations: some companies have considerably slowed down investments in the oral solid dosages to focus on liquids; other companies, while maintaining their core business, have seen the market demand for their products decrease, a trend that I think we will see rebalancing during the 2022-2023 and of which Pharmintech and Ipack-Ima will be an interesting test field."


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