At this year's K trade fair, eurolaser will be demonstrating the versatility of its laser cutting systems for processing of plastics. Foils, acrylic or composites can optimally be cut with the CO2 laser cutters. The many automation possibilities of the eurolaser machines will also be of interest to plastics processors. At the fair, eurolaser will demonstrate its M-800 system with shuttle table cutting acrylic and foil.

The application possibilities for plastics are as diverse as the materials themselves. With the expansion of electromobility and the development of ever lighter materials, demand continues to grow significantly. At the same time, the requirements for stable processes and consistent product quality are increasing. Contactless laser cutting produces a constant quality of the cutting edges because the tool does not wear out. Breakage and waste are also minimal with this process. Due to the fact that the system works with a vacuum extraction system which serves as fixing, special fixing of the material on the table surface is not necessary.
The application
At the K, eurolaser demonstrates the cutting of acrylic and foil on the same machine. Acrylic is mainly used to produce displays, signs and lettering. Cast and extruded acrylic, known under many different brand names, are equally suitable for laser cutting. Applications for foils include instrument labels in the automotive industry, keyboard labels or front panels for household appliances.
The System
With a working area of 1,330 x 830 mm, the smallest eurolaser system M 800 offers the ideal solution for many applications. The shuttle table system enables an automatic change of the table modules according to a simple principle. The material carriers are exchanged within a few seconds and the laser process can be continued without downtimes. While laser cutting takes place, the finished parts are removed and the material carrier reloaded. This design minimises the downtimes of the cutting system during loading and thus, increases efficiency by up to 75 %.
For even more flexibility, there is space for additional tools or marking modules next to the laser. The motion system comes from the Swiss world market leader for digital cutters ZÜND. The machines are equipped with the Laserscout software suite, which contains the right software packages tailored to the application. An optional camera recognises patterns and marks on printed material.
Experience with the variety of materials at eurolaser
eurolaser offers prospective customers the opportunity to test the laser cutting properties of their material. The information on suitable cutting parameters and the behavior of the material during laser cutting is now also stored in a database module of the Laserscout software suite. The database thus minimises the preparation time for processing. Database allows the exchange of job data between several machines. The database is founded on the 25 years of experience eurolaser has gained with a wide variety of materials.


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